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Can’t tell if you’re ready for custom design?
Read this.

I’m gonna go out on a whim here and say you don’t want a quick fix for something you want to last. I’d want something that goes deeper than surface level. Something that is a reflection of my values and vision. My personality.⁠ And what better way to infuse your business with personality than through your brand design.


First, let me ask you:

Do you…

…struggle to book dream clients?
…feel like your brand doesn’t reflect who you are?
…feel stuck and uninspired?
…have a new service suite or product range?
…want to reach the next level in your biz?


Then the DIY route might not be serving you as it should. In my branding and design process, we will dig deeper and find the things that are personally important to YOU. The things that move you. Inspire you. Make you move forward. The things that make your business unique and help YOU stand out from others in your field through a personal approach, specifically tailored to you.


“Custom work is heart work.”


You pour your heart into your solopreneur business – so it only seems right that your design has the same depth and heart. Am I right? This is where custom design comes in – tailored and customized to express your values, vision and personality.

Here are my THREE basic elements of a well-thought-out custom design process:


Face-to-face meetings.

Connecting with people is my love language. But it’s also important to get to know your clients personally. And that involves seeing their faces, whether on a screen or in person. How someone presents themselves to the world can already tell you a lot about them and their personality.


Working together, not for each other.

It’s so important to me to share the process with my clients. I whole-heartedly believe that working together on a business not only takes some of the pressure off but can also provide so much more personal experience – integral to make design personal.


In-depth questionnaires & analysis.

You can’t come up with a perfectly custom design without any information. That’s why I love sending questionnaires to my clients – to really get into that deeper level and understanding of their personality. After the questionnaire, I analyze the answers and draw my design conclusions (color and type choices, brand voice etc.) from there.


There’s a lot that goes into custom design work. But there’s also a lot that you’ll get out of it. By choosing custom work, you’re going to experience a new sense of purpose and connection with your biz and your ideal clients.

You can get in touch with me here if you have questions.

Talk soon!

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