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How to give feedback to your designer

Whenever you work with a service-based business, there will come a time when you will give feedback on their work. This can look a bit different for every niche, but I’d like to give you a few quick and easy tips to keep in mind next time you’re talking to your partner in crime – no matter if it’s a photographer, interior decorator or web designer.


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Tip no. 1

Be respectful but straightforward.

Let’s be real: Some of us tend to beat around the bush in uncomfortable situations. But feedback time shouldn’t be one of them. First of all, you hopefully chose someone that you feel good and open with. Secondly, apologizing and “umm and erring” doesn’t help anyone. Instead, try to be straightforward and honest – in a respectful and tactful way, of course.


Tip no. 2

Be specific and give examples.

A lot can get lost in translation when it comes to design – that’s totally normal. So if you gave specific feedback and you still feel like you’re talking past one another, speak up! It can also really help to show examples (photos, screenshots, websites, design ideas) so you can make sure that you’re on the same page.


Tip no. 3

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

This one ties right in with point one. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions! Questions get the conversation going and the more in-depth the conversations are, the less confusion will come up during this process. And I’m always happy to answer any client questions – we’re in this together after all!


Tip no. 4

Keep your audience in mind.

Your personal preference and opinion matters – of course! It’s your business and your design is the visual extension of that. But don’t forget that your audience also needs to be attracted to your visuals. So next time you’re in a feedback situation, try and see the work through your audience’s eyes.


Tip no. 5

Collaborate and listen.

I love it when the design process is a two-way street. Communication is key when it comes to make smart long-term decisions! The more we work together, the better the result will be. Encouraging each other while giving each other the space to share opinions and solutions is the best way to establish a great partnership.


Yes, the feedback process can be a little challenge sometimes, but I hope these tips gave you a good idea how you can make the best out of it. Don’t forget: We’re all trying our best. Respect, gratitude and open communication can get you a long way in every aspect of life – and especially when you’re interacting with a fellow small biz owner.


Until next time!

Take care,

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